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A Guaranteed listing on Google within 30 days or your money back!

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keyword websitesRanking Ninjas specialise in delivering keyword websites that gain a first page listing on Google, Bing & Yahoo inside 30 days!

Guaranteed SEO Ranking

We have been building keyword websites for over 2 years, and our tried and tested techniques have seen our websites remain on page one throughout numerous Google updates, including Panda, Penguin and Mockingbird. With over 500 websites and 10,000 guaranteed page one rankings you can place your trust in us to boost your online enquiries.

Guaranteed SEO Service

Our guaranteed SEO service has allowed all of our clients to gain multiple page one rankings for relevant keywords, and on the few occasions it took us slightly longer than the 30 days to gain a first page ranking we have refunded them and worked even harder to get them there! Our keyword websites will drive relevant traffic to your website for free!!

How Keyword Websites Work

Get Started

Complete the order form and we will get started on your Keyword website immediately. Make sure you let us know your main services and the areas you cover so we can get things right from the off. For example, if you are a plumber in Manchester you’d put plumber in the services section and Manchester in the area coverage section. Try to put as many in each section as possible.

Design Stage

It will take us 48 hours to build your website and write all the content required. The site design can be a replica of your current website or a bespoke design. Please let us know what you want at sign up.


Once the site is live check over each page and get back to us with any amendments you want doing to either the design or content. Try and do this as soon as possible as you will want the website perfect once it hits page one and is getting visitors.

Kick back & relax

Although the hard work starts for us at this point, we advise you kick back for a month because once your site hits page one they’ll be no time for anything other than work!!

We’ll be spending the next 4 week working around the clock to ensure your new Keyword website ranks as highly as possible on page one of all search engines, but most importantly Google!


A few days before the end of the month we will send you an analytical & ranking report. This will happen at the end of each month for as long as you want to keep the website to stay on page one of Google, Yahoo & Bing.


Once your blown away by how our Keyword Websites work, tell your friends about us. The more the merrier as for each referral you get the same number of keywords they purchase for Free, and there’s no limit to the number of free keywords you can get either!

For example, you tell a friend or colleague about us, they buy 30 keywords and you automatically get 30 additional keywords added to your account. All of which will be on page one of Google within 30 days!

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